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Summer Classes!



 Prices below are for a 10-week session:



$295  (save $50)

$360  (save $100)

$425  (save $150)

$475  (save up to $675)

1 class a week

2 classes a week

3 classes a week

4 classes a week

5 classes a week

6+ classes a week

Mini Dancers showing off their moves!

(See Parents’ Page for session dates)

We accept cash, checks, Visa and Mastercard.

Jibe Tumblers in a Backbend


    $15 per class

(not available for Mini classes)


Jibe Night In:



Jibe Camp:



Summer Intensive:

     $100 ($115 after June 30)


Private Lessons:

    $25 per half hour for solo

    $45 per half hour for duo


Comparing prices between studios?  At Jibe, we do registration a little different.  Jibe Studios is the equivalent to $46 a month for classes.  Be sure to look at extra fees (Registration, Recital, etc) when comparing.  Most studios annual registration fee is the equivalent to an extra $3 a month.  Jibe Studios does not have any extra fees.  Costume costs typically average $65-$90, but at Jibe costumes typically range between $45-$65.

No Registration Fees        No Insurance Fees        No Competition Fees