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Miss Jessie and her students watching from the wingsRecital


Jibe Studios Annual Recital is held at the end of the Spring session in June at the Joan Kroc Theater.  Participants purchase a costume, learn a routine and perform on the big stage.  Jibe students look forward to this opportunity.  Seeing the students reactions after their performance is our favorite part of the show.  While walking off stage, students have said things like, "This is the best day ever!" and "When do we get to do THAT again!"  Performing in shows is more than just fun.  Participants get to see that hard work and practice pay off.  They get an opportunity to perform in front of more than 500 people, which builds confidence.  Participants get to be part of a team working together to create a product.  They see how their actions affect the group as a whole.  Participants prepare for the Recital all year long by learning and polishing skills.

Jibe Crew and mini dancers performingChristmas Show


Jibe Studios puts on a Christmas Show every December.  Just like Recital, participants purchase a costume, learn a routine and perform on the big stage.  Although the Christmas Show is one more thing in a very busy season, it is a time for family to gather together and enjoy watching the participants do what they love.  Even though there are gifts to buy,Two elves waiting to perform parties to plan, and presents to wrap, the Christmas Show gives families an opportunity to sit down, breathe, relax and enjoy.  The Christmas Show was first started as a thank you, a chance to show our Jibe families that all of their effort of driving to the studio, dropping off, picking up, purchasing new shoes for the ever growing feet, etc, etc, etc creates something pretty magical.  At Jibe, we know that the families of our students make many sacrifices to get their children to classes.  The Christmas Show is our way of acknowledging all that they do and thank them for all of their support throughout the year.

Student Choreographers' ShowcaseJibe Crew performing at the Student Choreographers' Showcase


The Student Choreographers' Showcase is a show that is put on entirely by Jibe Crew students.  Jibe Crew is Jibe Studios' performing company.  It is a group of dancers and tumblers over the age of 10 that dance at Jibe a minimum of 4 hours a week.  Members of the Jibe Crew choreograph their own dances and teach them to a group of their peers.  Not only does it give Crew members a chance to display their own creativity, it also gives them a chance to teach others.  Jibe Crew is currently working on creating pieces for their next show in March.  Check back for information of the show date and time and come see what their creativity can bring about.

Jibe Crew zombies at Haunted Trails in Balboa ParkScary Show


Every October, Jibe Crew dresses up like zombies and performs "Scary Show" at the Haunted Trails in Balboa Park.  Scary Show consists of 15 minutes of non-stop dancing to Halloween-inspired music.  The show includes dances to Michael Jackson's Thriller and Rhianna's Disturbia.  Check back in fall for details on which nights the zombies will rise.


Interested in a show for your school's Fall Festival?  Jibe Crew loves performing a less scary version of the show out in the community.  Book early because our schedule fills up fast!


Mini Dancers at Creep ShowCreep Show


Too scary to come watch Crew at the Haunted Trails?  Come to the Creep Show.  Crew will be performing some of its Scary Show numbers, in addition to other Halloween-themed pieces.  The show will also feature some of our younger Jibe participants.